Farmhouse Options

Welcome to Farm Fantasy, where your dream farmhouse becomes a reality. Our thoughtfully designed farmhouses cater to diverse preferences, providing a range of options for you to choose from. Each farmhouse is a unique blend of modern comfort and rustic charm, offering an unparalleled living experience in harmony with nature.

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Your Path to Peaceful Living

1 RK Farmhouse - Approx 350 sqft

Discover simplicity and coziness in our 1 RK farmhouses. With an area of approximately 350 sqft, these compact yet well-designed spaces are surrounded by lush greenery. Ideal for those seeking a retreat from the urban hustle, our 1 RK farmhouses provide an intimate connection with nature.

1 BHK Farmhouse - Approx 550 sqft

Step into spacious living with our 1 BHK farmhouses, spanning approximately 550 sqft. Adorned with blissfully fresh ventilation, captivating interiors, and a thoughtful design that extends to the kitchen, roof, floors, glass windows, and balcony, these farmhouses are perfect for those who appreciate a blend of comfort and nature.

2 BHK Farmhouse - Approx 750 sqft

Discover comfort and style in our spacious 2 BHK farmhouses, each providing about 750 sqft of living space. Enjoy the peaceful surroundings and take a dip in the swimming pool, adding to the calm atmosphere and giving a modern city feel. With stunning views and lavish amenities, these farmhouses at Royal View Farms offer a truly luxurious lifestyle.